Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Some famous clowns of the sixties

Here are some drawings of clowns I made a long time ago.

In the 1960's Rose Hanlon was America's only woman clown. Her makeup is identical with that of her male colleagues. When she is in action in the arena it is quite impossible to differentiate her for from the conventional male species of clown.

Felix Adler.
A close competitor of Emmett Kelly for the title of King of the American clowns. Adler started with Ringling's in 1910 and was a great popular favorite.

Emmett Kelly
To millions of American boys and girls from 7-70, he is known as old sad face. The celebrated Emmett Kelly was with the Ringling Circus for over twenty years. He was probably the most highly paid clown in the world since Crock in his heyday.

Lou Jacobs
This clown specializes in comic entrances. His best known entrance is to come shooting into the ring in a minute motor car. He uses this form of entrance rather in the same manner as a band leader uses a signature tune.

Johnny Tripp
This clown's speciality is in miming. He is often to be seen impersonating the part of a woman of formidable proportions. He was a popular favorite for many years.

Ernie Burch
Dressed for the sawdust ring. Clown and master of burlesque he specializes in caricatures, all of which bear the stamp of his own very individual genius.

Paul Jerome
The man with only one makeup. He is always dressed as a vagabond. In moments of elation his nose lights up.

His real name is Herbert Rhamys. He designed his own costumes and writes his own script for his miming.

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